May 2019




Benin has some strengths boosting growth. First of all, country has one of the most stable democracy in Africa, then has a very strategic position with a direct access to sea for hinterland countries. Finally has a good support from donors like ODA, HIPC and MDRI. On the other side, Benin has also some weaknesses, like high poverty, small export base linked to cotton fluctuations, poor electricity supply, terrorists threats from Nigeria, as well as impact from Nigeria policy decisions.
‘Revealing Benin program is focused on development plans. Flagship public projects are the new airport of Glo-Djibé and the extension of the port of Cotonuo. Then, new legislations for private sector is concentrate in improving the business environment. Cotton production, around 50% of the total exports, is expected to increase in 2019 thanks also to favorable international prices. It’s also expected an increase in the flow of Nigerian workers. Inflation will remains quite low, regardless increase in price of exported products.
Government will continue to reduce budget deficit and continue a fiscal consolidation.
Source: COFACE




Top export destinations:                                 Top import origins are:

1) India 31%                                                     1) China 44%
2) China 14%                                                    2) India 11%
3) Mali 12%                                                      3) Malaysia 6.6%
4) Lebanon 11%                                                4) US 4.8%
5) South Korea 4.2%                                         5) France 4.7%    



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