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Processed Tobacco market in Europe: an overview

The market for this product continues to envolve constantly, because of many consumers uses this type of product and also the final product, such as cigarettes, cigars, bilds and kreteks.

Processed Tobacco were the world’s 329th most traded product, with a total of $11.1 billion in 2021.

Europe stand as the primary global exporter of processed tobacco, moreover the exports of Processed Tobacco grew by 12.2% from $9.91B to $11.1B. Trade in this type of product represents 0,053% of total world trade.

But what is Processed Tobacco? It’s a part of Tobacco and substitutes, including cigarette or pipe tobacco and tobacco substitute mixe, Products of tobacco, substitute nes, extract, essence.

Notably, the primary countries that  emerged as the leading exporters of this product in 2021 included Italy with an export value of $2.25 billion, Germany which contributed significantly with exports worth $1.02 billion. In addition Netherlands, Romania and Poland played leader roles in the global export market of Processed Tobacco, with exports valued respectively at $936 billion, $903 billion and $732 million.


On the other way, in the same year the leading nations in terms of importing this Processed Tobacco were Japan with imports valued at $2.46 billion, Germany whose imports amounted to $886 million. Poland, Norway and Czechia also featured in this context with imports worth respectively  $502 million, $408 million and $339 million.


These statistic underscore the global trade dynamics surrounding Processed Tobacco during the specified time frame.