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Pasta: import and export

One of the most popular foods is pasta. Despite being a staple of Italian cuisine, pasta is now consumed and appreciated worldwide. This is in part due to the fact that current dietary trends, which often promote the so-called "Mediterranean diet," recognize the crucial importance of pasta. A growing global passion for pasta encompasses hundreds of countries where it has entered consumption habits, seamlessly integrating into local gastronomic traditions.

Pasta, which some claim has its origins in China, was first produced industrially about 1800 when the first equipment designed for the task was put into use in Naples and drying processes were perfected. Even though pasta did not originate in Italy, the Italian industry has influenced production techniques and processing has undergone significant innovations. All production is fully automated.

Italians are the biggest consumers of pasta, with 23.1 kg per person per year. Other great consumers are Tunisia (17 kg per capita), Venezuela (12 kg), Greece (11.4 kg), Chile (9.5), Peru (9.3), the United States (8.8 kg), Argentina (8.6 kg), and Iran (8.5 kg).


The whole world trade of pasta is worth a total of 12$ billion representing 0.071% of total world trade. As imagined, it is true that Italy is the biggest producer of pasta with a total export of $3.55 billion in 2020. China ($1.03 billion), South Korea ($784 million), Turkey ($769 million), and Thailand ($567 million) were the other top exporters of pasta in the world.

The top importers of pasta in 2020 were the United States ($1.4 billion), Germany ($1.01 billion), France ($811 million), the United Kingdom ($810 million), and Canada ($515 million).


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