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Lemons and Limes: import and export

Used in the most varied recipes in the kitchen, in cosmetics and medicines, and in the domestic environments, lemons and limes are two very popular types of citrus, similar to each other but with some differences.

Citrus fruits, which also include oranges, tangerines, grapefruit, and other varieties, grant many benefits to our health, thanks to their abundance of vitamins, plant compounds and fiber. With almost similar percentages of micronutrients, lemons and limes differ in color and shape, as these last ones have a green skin and look rounder than yellow bigger lemons.

Although these fruits are now grown all over the world, lemons typically belong to moderate climates, while limes grow better in tropical and subtropical regions. In 2020, they were mostly exported by Spain ($1.03B), Mexico ($555M), South Africa ($412M), Turkey ($284M), and Netherlands ($267M).

In the same year, the top importers of lemons and limes were United States ($588M), Germany ($495M), France ($261M), Netherlands ($260M), and Russia ($185M).

These numbers made them the world's 740th most traded products, with a total trade of $3.91B, 14.8% more than the previous year ($3.4B). At the end of 2020, trade in lemons and limes represented 0.023% of total world trade.

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