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Gin and Geneva: import and export

Gin was born in the Netherlands, when a doctor decided to use juniper for medical purposes. It arrived in England with William of Orange: gin is indeed the abbreviation of the English version of the Dutch word. The English initially gave to the drink the name Geneva, which derives from Jenever, the Dutch name which originates from the Dutch for juniper, the berry that characterized the flavor. 

In 2022, Gin and Geneva were the world's 1598th most traded product, with a total trade of $1.79B.

In 2022 the Gin was exported the most to United Kingdom, with a trade of $1B, ahead of Germany ($115M), Spain ($97.1M), Italy ($74.5M), and Netherlands ($72M). Whereas as regards the imports the most significant country was the United States with a trade of $368M, followed by Italy ($161M), Spain ($151M), Germany ($107M), and Netherlands ($82.4M).

 In this graphic strong intra-European trade relationships are shown. However, each exporting country has a diversified portfolio of destinations: this variety leads to a more balanced trade network.



The United States consistently appears as a key market for most top exporters, reflecting its high demand for these products. This can be observed looking at the substantial share of its imports from United Kingdom, Germany, and the Netherlands.

There are countries like Italy and the Netherlands which have trade relationships with both European and non-European countries, reducing risks and capitalize on various market demands.

  1. United Kingdom (56.1%): 29.4% United States, 10% Italy, 7.99% Spain, 5.59% Germany, 3.64% Canada, 3.44% Australia
  2. Germany (6.47%): 17.7% Netherlands, 8.56% Spain, 6.98% Belgium, 6.32% Italy, 5.7% Austria, 5.12% United States, 0.55% Australia
  3. Spain (5.44%):27% Italy, 18.1% Germany, 5.52% Netherlands, 5.11% Belgium, 3.03% United States, 0.59% Australia
  4. Italy (4.18%):7.71% Germany, 6.29% United Kingdom, 5.74% Australia, 5.05% United States, 4.61% France, 3.98% Netherlands, 2.88% Belgium
  5. Netherlands (4.03%): 13.7% Italy, 11.6% United States, 8.59% Belgium, 6.59% Spain, 5.81% Germany, 2.04% Australia

Through the graphic we can observe a strong internal trade within Europe: for instance, Italy, Spain, Germany, and the Netherlands all imports significant percentages from the United Kingdom and each other.



Even though United Kingdom is a dominant supplier, every country has a diversified portfolio of sources: for example, the United States also imports from Canada, France, Ireland, and other countries, whereas European countries have trade relationships with neighboring nations.

European countries like Germany, Spain, and Italy have balanced inter-continental trade relationships, both exporting to and importing from their neighbors.

  1. United States (20.6%): 80% United Kingdom, 4.28% Canada, 3.72% France, 2.61% Ireland, 2.27% Netherlands, 1.9% Japan, 1.61% Germany, 1.02% Italy, 0.8% Spain
  2. Italy (9.04%): 62.3% United Kingdom, 16.3% Spain, 6.11% Netherlands, 4.53% Germany, 4.45% France, 1.18% United States, 0.91% Belgium
  3. Spain (8.48%): 52.9% United Kingdom, 30.5% United States, 6.53% Germany, 3.69% France, 3.13% Netherlands, 1.11% Italy
  4. Germany (5.99%): 52.3% United Kingdom, 16.4% Spain, 5.37% Italy, 4.38% Denmark, 4.07% France, 3.91% Netherlands, 1.58% Japan, 0.82% United States
  5. Netherlands (4.61%): 24.9% Germany, 21.1 United Kingdom, 17% Belgium, 6.5% Spain, 4.74% Japan, 3.61% Italy, 3.58% Austria, 2.4% Denmark, 2.04% France, 2.04% United States

Between 2021 and 2022 the country which saw a fastest growth in export of Gin and Geneva was United Kingdom, with an increase of $194M, ahead of Germany ($21.9M), United States ($21.7M), Spain ($21.2M) and Italy ($10.6M).


  1. United Kingdom: from $807M to $1B
  2. Germany: from $93.5M to $115M
  3. United States: from $43.4M to $65.2M
  4. Spain: from $75.9M to $97.1M
  5. Italy: from $64M to $74.5M

Whereas as far as concerns the imports the fastest grower was United States with an increase of $78.6M, followed by Italy ($64.2M), Germany ($20.8M). Spain ($15.2M) and Netherlands ($13.8M).



  1. United States: from $298M to $368M
  2. Italy: from $97.2M to $161M
  3. Germany: from $86.2M to $107M
  4. Spain: from $136M to $151M
  5. Netherlands: from $68.6M to $82.4M