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Top Importers and Exporters of Medicaments

Packaged Medicaments are the world's 7th most traded product, with a total trade of $367B. Trade in Medicaments represents 2% of total world trade.

The top exporters of Packaged Medicaments are Germany ($55.9B), Switzerland ($44.1B), Ireland ($28.1B), France ($25.7B), and United States ($25.4B).

In the last years, the exports of Packaged Medicaments grew by 10.5%, from $333B to $367B and they grew fastest in Switzerland ($8.46B), Belgium-Luxembourg ($7.66B), Germany ($5.29B), Netherlands ($3.37B), and Singapore ($2.24B).

The top importers of Packaged Medicaments are United States ($71.3B), Germany ($27.6B), Switzerland ($19B), United Kingdom ($17B), and Italy ($16.9B).

In the last years, the fastest growing importers of Packaged Medicaments were Netherlands ($6.75B), United States ($5.58B), Australia ($4.23B), Denmark ($2.29B), and Italy ($1.78B).

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