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Top Importers and Exporters of Saffron

Saffron is the world's 3.277th most traded product, with a total trade of $305M. It is the most expensive spice in the world with an average tariff of 14.3%. It is the 1.306 lowest tariff according to the HS6 product classification.

In the last years, exports of Saffron grew by 27.8%, from $238M to $305M. Currently, its trade represents 0.0017% of total world trade.

In 2018, the top exporter of Saffron was Iran ($159M) followed by Spain ($55.7M), Afghanistan ($25.8M), Moldova ($7.94M) and China ($7.55M).

In that year, the exports of Saffron grew the fastest in Iran ($45.2M), Moldova ($7.94M), Afghanistan ($7.43M), China ($5.7M), and United Arab Emirates ($4.92M).

In 2018, the top importer of Saffron was Hong Kong ($93.1M) followed by Spain ($38.2M), United Arab Emirates ($21.4M), India ($18.3M) and Saudi Arabia ($16.9M).

In that year, the fastest growing importers of Saffron were Hong Kong ($72.3M), United Arab Emirates ($15.6M), Saudi Arabia ($6.9M), Qatar ($2.66M), and Bahrain ($1.97M).

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