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Top Importers and Exporters of Paper Notebooks

Paper Notebooks are the world's 524th most traded products.

In the last years, the exports of Paper Notebooks grew by 9.98%, from $4.25B to $4.67B. Its trade represents 0.025% of total world trade.

China is the 1st largest exporter of Paper Notebooks in the world ($1.85B in 2018). In July 2020, its exports accounted up to $138M.

Other top exporters of Paper Notebooks are Germany ($280M), United States ($187M), Italy ($187M), and Mexico ($177M).

During the last period, exports of Paper Notebooks grew the fastest in China ($71.6M), United States ($57.6M), India ($44M), Germany ($32.7M), and United Arab Emirates ($26.5M).

The top importers of Paper Notebooks are United States ($1.01B), Germany ($339M), United Kingdom ($320M), France ($220M), and Canada ($167M).

During the last period, imports of Paper Notebook grew the fastest in United States ($73.7M), Canada ($35.3M), Germany ($25M), France ($19M), and Poland ($18.1M).

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