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Top Exporters of Yeast

Yeast is an essential element for the majority of foods and beverages’ production. It is responsible for many civilizations’ agricultural development during history, and it is still important commercially.

In 2018, its total trade has registered 2.6 billion dollars.  Trade in Yeast represent 0.014% of total world trade.

Between 2017 and 2018, the exports of Yeast grew by 8.3%, from $2.4B to $2.6B.
Top Exporters of Yeast are China ($295M), France ($260M), Turkey ($222M), Belgium-Luxembourg ($151M), and Mexico ($136M).

China exported mostly to United States ($2.8M), Nigeria ($2.46M), Philippines ($2.23M), Iraq ($1.46M), and Brazil ($1.31M);

France exported mostly to Germany ($23.7M), Belgium-Luxembourg ($18.8M), Italy ($17.5M), Spain ($16.7M), and United Kingdom ($16.7M);

Turkey exported mostly to Algeria ($20.7M), Sudan ($20.6M), Saudi Arabia ($14.3M), Iraq ($12.6M), and Angola ($9.7M);

Belgium-Luxembourg exported mostly to United Kingdom ($21M), France ($18.9M), United States ($18.8M), Germany ($12.1M), and Netherlands ($8.85M);

Mexico exported mostly to United States ($76.5M), Costa Rica ($4.07M), Saudi Arabia ($3.88M), Canada ($3.78M), and Brazil ($3.62M).

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