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Top Exporters of Cars

Top Exporters of Cars are Germany (€ 130B), Japan (€ 82.8B), United States (€ 47.5B), Mexico (€ 47.5B), United Kingdom (€ 34B).

Germany is top Cars Exporter. In 2019, its total amount of exports in cars was € 130B.

In Non-EU Countries, Germany exports mostly in United States (€19B), China (€15B), and Japan (€5B). In 2019, Germany’s total exports of cars in Non-EU Countries was €67B.

Its second largest cars export country is United Kingdom (€16B).

In 2019, Germany total amount of cars exports in EU Countries was (€62B).

In 2019, Germany exported a larger quantity of cars in EU Countries (4B Kg) compared to Non-EU Countries exports (3B kg).

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