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Only companies in Brandenburg achieve women's quota of 30 percent

The percentage of women in management positions is currently 24.2 percent. This is shown by a current evaluation by the information service provider CRIFBÜRGEL of 1.2 million management positions in German companies.

CRIFBÜRGEL has taken the statements made by Minister Franziska Giffey on the planned amendment to the law on the enforcement of women's quotas in company committees as the basis for its analysis. In the amendment, there is to be a sanction for companies that do not specify a target figure for the proportion of women in the workforce or that specify zero women as a target and do not justify this.

The CRIFBÜRGEL evaluation of the positions of managing directors, supervisory board members and chairmen as well as management board members shows that many companies are still being affected by the 30 percent target size for the female quota are removed.