What is SkyMinder ?

SkyMinder is the Business Information platform powered by CRIF, giving access to in-depth credit and financial data on companies all over the world.

Thanks to our international presence and long-standing experience with local information providers, every Country is available on SkyMinder, without data accessibility limits or updating issues.

SkyMinder’s Mission is to help users taking their best business decisions!


Providing useful evaluation tools for every kind of assessment, being an 'hub' to evaluate and know more about business partners
  • Financial: With SkyMinder Credit Reports, you have a complete overview of the financial situation of your business partners (customer, supplier or competitor) and the possibility to attest their reliability/creditworthiness. In every Report you can always find: company identity and structure, risk assessment, the credit rating and the credit limit of the business.
  • Reputational: SkyMinder helps you in the Know Your Customer (KYC) process, allowing verifying the identity of customers, sellers or other economic players with specific KYC reports, in order to avoid financial risks, reputational, operational and legal threats.
  • Legal: The Anti-Bribery and Anti-Money Laundering Solutions protect your business from financial crimes and illicit activities, recognizing individuals associated with financial crimes, on lists regarding fraud, terrorism, money laundering or other lawbreaking.
  • Cyber Risk: thanks to KYND Cyber Risk Report, is possible to understand if a company is at risk for a cyber attack

SkyMinder Values

SkyMinder stands as your international trade enabler in the global market, ensuring:
  • Global Coverage: Thanks to fresh investigated reports, every Country is completely covered, without any exclusion.
  • Quality and Completeness: we deliver the best high-quality data, trough the best local sources and the most updated reports.
  • Consistent and precise user experience: SkyMinder special format guarantee a simple and user-friendly way to get information. Our standard layout, consistent for each country, presents a tabs structure making easier to find and examine all data.